Pro Health Mission Statement:

Providing the best patient healthcare cost effectively. Healthcare done respectfully; ready to service the needs of the patient without regard to who they are, where they live, and what they have. Specializing in positive patient outcomes ensuring improvement in quality of life and providing Innovative solutions to our patients, clients, and the industry”

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Pro Health Services is a national health care partner dedicated towards providing solutions to every patient and organization we serve. We support all aspects of patient healthcare with a focus on quality of care and cost containment. When you contact us our goal is to ensure all of your needs are done right the first time! 

We provide the following:

»    Physician Services
»    Diagnostic Imaging
»    Home Health
»    Physical/Occupational Therapy
»    Durable Medical Equipment
»    Orthotics/Prosthetics
»    Transportation/Translation
»    Medical Supplies
»    Electrotherapy
»    Home/Vehicle Modifications

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